About SMG – The innovative knowledge investment company designed for value stocks

The founders of The Stock Market Guys are two friends who love reading Berkshire Hathaway publications and are interested in all aspects of the exciting stock market. From that hobby arose the idea of creating a company, based on an online site, to contribute to the dissemination of useful knowledge for those interested in the financial sector.

For us, making money is a good thing and we hope that accessing good profits should not be too complex and cumbersome. The information available on the Internet often does not clarify the methods for obtaining it, but, on the contrary, adds more complication to the process. Our secret is simple: it consists of investing in value stocks with the potential to increase their value in the future, at today’s prices. We would not be honest if we sold this as a simple method to make money without effort. Obviously, our methodology to identify value stock investments with this potential is the result of years of analysis to identify which are key variables. In fact, one of our services is to provide this knowledge and help its application. In our blog, there are many examples of what we are talking about.
We are eager to take advantage of this fabulous wealth of resources offered by the Internet, not only for our benefit but mainly for the future investor. Our specialty is to add strength to your ability to identify the best investments through high-level services accessible mainly through our website and our broad knowledge base. You are probably wondering if we are able to provide advice on so-called deep value stocks and our answer is yes because we have the novel net-net software, through which the identification of this category of investments has been significantly facilitated.
Our beginnings in the stock market were not easy, we wanted to learn but the information offer was limited. With the advent of the Internet, the problem became the growing body of information available and how to identify the most relevant tasks. On that experience, we are determined to train investors more and more informed and with the ability to make the right investment decisions.