Hidden molds are not visible to naked eyes and but they spread through air. Mold testing services and examination process undergoes in three different stages:
• Assessment
• Analysis and identification
• Arriving at the mode of cleaning.

The Process of mold inspection begins with airborne assessment which includes various places like buildings, vacant and remodeled buildings are completely assessed. Once the assessment is over detailed analysis is done on laboratory to identify the type, toxic nature of the mold. Above analysis gives a helps to arrive on the mode of cleaning .they also helps in confirming the mold doesn’t exist on the particular place.
Field Meters and infrared comers are used to identify the moisture damage. Other devices includes roof leaks, ice dumb are being used.
IAQ assessment is the major service provided coz these days buildings have become so tight in order to save energy leading to poor indoor air quality. It has to be assessed.
Mold Testing Companies
Certain companies provide us with an expertise knowledge and direction in mold detection. Information provided is reliable quick and gives us the right direction for better results.
Few players in the market:
• MIT-Mold inspection and testing
• Serve pro
• Service Master.
• Mold Removal Pros
• Paul Davis
• Indoor Restore
• Dry Right
• Kowalski.
Mold testing services provide their services in major metropolitan cities. They are certified microbial investigators (AMC-ACAC) services include responding to the problem, handling of issue is done by highly trained professionals, other services includes visual inspection of property, collecting air samples, performing test analysis, they provide us a compel report on problem and help us in fixing the problem in a economically and finally after cleaning service is also provided and help the occupant to make sure that the mold doesn’t come again. click here to get more information mold remediation Georgia.