Clay and Wooden toys

You may not find any Wooden toys (jouet en bois) in the market today because these are old and no more people buy these for their kids. In past our forefathers used to play with clay and wooden toys. They make the toys with clay, place them under the sun so they will dry and then play with them. With time, these clay and wooden toys get replaced with modern and stylish toys. These toys are no doubt replaced but there are some old traditional jeux en bois(Wooden games) which still exist.

There are many wooden games for both kids and adults. One may think that what kind of wooden games, kids will play. Well, there are many. If your kid is under 4 years then you can buy him many different puzzles made of wood. The advantage of the wood puzzle will be this that he will not eat the wood as the kids love to put everything in their mouth at this age.
What type of puzzle can you buy?
You can buy solid beech frog puzzle, elephant puzzle, puzzle whale in solid beech, the cow mom, and her little one puzzle and much more. These are also not expensive and one can easily buy from the internet. Each of these puzzles has their own characteristics and a different number of puzzle pieces. You can see the complete description about them once you search and decide which one to buy. You can also get a discount if you buy more than one.
So if you are a parent or have a kid in a family then search and buy a beautiful wooden game from any website. Before you place an order, don’t forget to check the rating of that website. Also, check the price of the same toy on different sites and then, in the end, decide which one is better. A part from kids, if you like to play games (jeux d’éveil) then you can also fiend variety of games for yourself too.