Hillary memes: Why they still hurt six months later?

The 2016 presidential campaigns of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump touched lows that were unimaginable earlier. Forget about plans and promises and uplifting speeches, this campaign gave us a bunch of Trump cartoons and showed us mud-slinging of the worst kind. Every week brought out the worst in both candidates intent on proving their one-upmanship.

How did Hillary lose?
A case of everything good on paper not translating to actual results:
• A candidate with 25 years of experience in public life
• Herself a former first lady
• A secretary of state in the last administration
• An ex-president, a popular current president and an unbelievably popular first lady all out to campaign for her
And who was she campaigning against? A lewd motor mouth celebrity who was joked about around the world. Trump Memes trended every day!
Hillary Memes
And yet, the result is for all to see. Her many memes are proof that nothing went her way.
• Untrustworthiness – Her private email server scandal, and it’s resurfacing a few weeks before elections (thanks to a certain FBI director), all but sealed her fate. This was an issue her team should have handled better from the beginning.
• Opportunistic image – Her handling of her husband’s infidelities left much to be desired. Her strong woman image starkly contradicted with her defense of his behavior. This led many to believe that she was opportunistic.
• Choice of words – Calling a significant population of the country a basket of deplorable was, in hindsight, a blunder. It turned away a lot of people who were sitting on the fence.
• Elitist image – Her choice of co-campaigners from Hollywood celebrities to Rock stars gave her an elitist image. The person on the street knew they did not share his problems.
Now, all one can do is try not to cry at the Hillary memes that land up on your desks. And wait out the next four years hoping for a miracle.