How betting on the number of goals scored (overs) works

One of the most profitable betting systems that any world cup football agent can use is betting on the goals scored. The concept behind this betting system is very simple, and its simplicity means that even a person who is not a football fan can win such a bet because the system is easy to understand. What the bettor is actually doing in this system is betting on the overall number of goals that will be scored in a match (overs). This system does not depend on whether only one team will score all the goals or whether both teams will get a goal.

For example, if team AA defeated team BB by 4 goals to 2, it means that the total number of goals scored in the match is 6. If both teams drew 3-3 still 6 goals would have been scored in this match. One of the best things that the world cup football agent should remember is that this system considers the outcome of the game irrelevant but only the total number of goals is made relevant. In most cases when betting on this system, it revolves around half of a number since there is no half goal.
A very good example is where the world cup football agent is offered odds of the number of goals to be scored to be over 1.5. This means that if the bettor takes this bet and thinks that the match will have goals that exceed the 1.5 mark, the bettor only needs 2 goals to be scored in the match. This is irrespective of which team gets these goals, but the match should end in excess of 2 goals. If the outcome of the match is 0-0, it means that there are no goals scored hence the bettor will lose the bet.

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