Organic Matchacan be a part of your health diet

Everybody’s mornings start with any of the caffeine beverages to make them fresh. Tea or coffee has become part and parcel of life since a long time. Not only in the mornings there are also stipulated hours for these beverages in the evening. These beverages are a relaxing drink, the evening snack accompanied by tea and a bunch of friends at a round table can make life better. Some secrets that are shared and some sweet memories recapped over a cup of Matcha tea. Discussions over tea, business deals over a cup of tea are quite common and official programs that can get finalized unofficially.

There are few places in India where these caffeine plantations are the source of economy. Mainly hilly, mountainous terrains are the hub for such plantations. Tea plantations are very familiar with the regions of the Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu, Dibrugarh in Assam, and Darjeeling in West Bengal etc. The livelihoods of people here are based on the income from these tea estates.

Apart from India there is also international hand in these types of plantations. Brazil in South America is renowned for plantation agriculture and the most grown crop here is coffee. It is believed that always the 1st grade product that is manufactured is imported to outside India and then what we get is just the 50% of the nature’s gift.

The qualities of products we get are not the true 100% reward of the nature. Organic Matcha is available at certain local retailers, also in areas of factories near these estates where plantation is being done; sell the original product and the first quality products.

Now days there have been lots of development in these beverages also, there are flavored tea available everywhere and green tea is gaining popularity. The international brands add strawberry, mint and lemon as the flavors to the usual tea. Black tea is said to be rich in antioxidants. The Matcha tea company has introduced the tastiest tea and additional flavors to the Indian usual tea, thus mornings will not only be fresh but also flavorful here on.