Prevention of Rodents and termite

Rodents are the type of mammal which has incisors teeth in each upper and lower part of jaws, and some of the rodents are very much harmful to mankind so กำจัดหนู (eliminate rodents) is such an important task. There are 40% species of mammal are rodents. Rats, mice, squirrel, porcupine, guinea pig, beavers, prairie dogs, and capybaras are called rodents. Among them, rats and mice are very much harmful. So you need to know how you eliminate them.

Methods of rodent control
So many people may face infestation of rodents. They don’t know how to prevent them so from here you can able to get some ideas that how you should eliminate rodents. There are so many ways, but easiest ways are always better.
• Prevention – There are so many sites which you can find in online where they give some ideas to prevent them but you should remember that rats and mice are so small so they can fit in extremely small holes so at first, you should block every hole which you can see in your house, and you should keep away your food and your pet’s food from it.
• Traps -There is so many traps, which you can find on the market. Bair trap is most common and cheap trap. There are electronics traps also available in the market. These electronic traps are so good because it can kill continuously mice and rats.
• Rodenticides – This is some type of medicine to kill rodents. You can get this from market easily. These are very much effective to control rodents. These are highly poisonous so you should keep away it from children.

How do you control termite?
Termites are very much useful to the environment, but when it attacks, then it becomes themost hated thing to you. Then you get an infestation of it. But everything has solutions so to control pest you should know about pesticides. Which pesticides are better for which pest or termite? This is the main question that you should know before killing them. There are so many sites, which help you to know about them and how to kill it.