Runescape Guide for Noobs

To walk simpler from the game, pick where you need to go by clicking on the “map circle” in the top right. When you do so, a yellow flag will appear and then you will walk there.
To maintain your ability levels evened out, locate goals and perform quests or buy runescape gold. The quests have benefits which help you improve your abilities.

Keep away from high degree regions, a few NPCs may strike and mug you with no warning. To keep your things secure, save them at a bank (unlocks following Grand Exchange tutorial).
Grand Exchange Tutorial
Find the front entry of the Grand Exchange north east of Varrock. Walk up to the front steps and speak to one of those men there in the entry.
You do not need to smith stronger metals for more powerful armor/weapons. You Can Purchase more powerful armor and weapons at grand exchange.
If you’d like a cape, ko a Highwayman (combat lvl 11 l)
Smelting iron includes a 50% victory rate. You can smith iron with 100% victory by:-Utilizing Blast Furnace (pay2play Members only) OR using Superheat Item spell (Lvl 43 magical)-needs Nature runes
There’s a free magic charm called Lumbridge Home Teleport. You may pick this from the spell book menu to teleport back to Lumbridge. You may just use this charm once every half hour. Additional teleport spells require law runes or are penis only.
The rest of the magic charms will cost you runes.
You can buy runescape gold at magic stores, they also have free samples. You get several free runes if you perform the blood pact pursuit. For rare runes such as the Nature and Law runes, purchase them in grand exchange. You might also get runes by rune-crafting them. You always have the option to purchase runes or pick them up after KOing particular NPCs.