ARTICLE2 The best important features of LED lights

LED lights that stands for light-emitting diodes, these lightings are solid-state that is enormously long-lasting and efficient. Whereas, fluorescent and incandescent lights contain filaments in bulbs or gas bulbs, LED strip Lights or other LED lights contain lenses or capsules in which small chips are located on the heat conducting metal.

LED Spotlights are also known as reflectors. They spread light in a relatively small area in order to create light on a bright spot. LED Spotlights could be good for:
• Overhead lighting
• Track lighting
Brightness and Energy Efficiency
LED strip lights and GU10 LED use less amount of energy to supply the same light as any standard light or incandescent bulbs could.
Color Temperature
LED panel bulbs and LED down lights can spread white light in different shades such as: bright white, just as a blue-colored fluorescent tube; and soft white, as a yellow-colored incandescent light; daylight, as a bright light mostly used for safety purposes.
Fast Switching
LED down lights and all LED Lights can start with their full brightness, immediately, always, thus there they require no backup lighting. LED strip lights are good as they can be switched on and switched off straight away which makes them perfect lights for flashing signs, automotive lights and traffic signaling, as compared to a normal compact fluorescent lights that mostly flicker.
Most of the LED lights work at low voltage therefore, they are not hot when touched and they are safer to hold during maintenance or installation and could be exposed to snow or rain.
Environment friendly
The LED Lights are eco-friendly type of lights because they are without mercury or any other destructive gasses; also they do not emit dangerous UV rays. For instance, a LED light of 13w emits 68 percent less carbon dioxide than an average incandescent bulb of 40w runs 10 hours each day.
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Purposes of Led Video

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